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Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Have you registered yourself??

Here there are a few step that you can follow...

Youtube is very easy to use. Everybody can join and register Youtube account. Just click and follow a very simple way to be a new member of Youtube. Now you can upload and share your videos to your friends, relatives, family and even in a public. Share as many as you want.
Click how to upload the videos to get a very easy tutorial. have a try. ;)

By Mardhati Yahya

New Technologies of Human Communication

When we talked about new technology, there's a lot of thing that come across our mind.  First of all, as individual people will think about development.  This probably because people used to connect technology with development.  Sometimes, people describe new technology through new machine, factory and so on.  However, in this context, we are not going to reject all those thinking, what we going to do is explain what is exactly new technology and how it related with human communication.

Do you know what is blogger?  Do you know what is Facebook? and do you know what is Youtube?

I think, we don't have to explain that more details.  If i ask the whole class, all will answer that they know what is those thing.  Furthermore, i guess half of the class has blogger and youtube account while, one person in each class may have two facebook account.  This means, we all are familiar with blogger, youtube, facebook and other websites.  Why, i asking about this issue is because i want the whole class to understand that those stuff they used are called as new technology.  Not only that the mobile phone also new technology.

Human interaction is a communication between two parties or more.  Normally this communication can be seen through verbal and nonverbal communication.  Sometimes, this kind of communication doesn't need face to face communication and the interaction can also be done through other medium.  For instance, interaction between me and Mardhati, Zaphne, Ianabella and Nor Azua can be done through mobile phone.  Not only that, we also can interact using email and social networking.  Why this happen is because of the development of "sciences and technologies" in the world brought to many kind of intervention being done.

Therefore, the new technologies of human communication is development and evolution of human communication technologies, focusing on computer mediated communication and its impacts on individuals, society, business and organization.

So, we cannot run from this issue.  We live in the technology era which everything by our surrounding covered with technology.  According to Marco C. Yzer and Brian G. Southwell in the article called New Communication Technologies, Old Questions, new  technologies of human communication is nearly with computer mediated communication.   Here, it were being agree by both thinkers that, "computer-mediated communication (CMC), an area of study that has added significantly to our understanding of the relationship between human interaction and technological modalities",+Old+Questions..pdf

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Fantastic Sharing

  1. Unsafe Way

    • Once you have published your photos online, you've essentially given up control of what happens to them. It's very easy for anyone to copy your photos and edit or alter them in any way possible. Moreover, once they've finished altering your photos, they are then free to distribute them to any other sites or publications. And even if the person does not alter your photos, they can still take them from the site in which you posted them and distribute them to whomever or wherever they want. Once this happens, you have no recourse. You won't be able to retrieve those pictures and restore them to their original state.


    • Regardless of whether you've emailed your photos to a single person or posted them on a social networking site, when you share pictures, especially pictures of people, they are subject to alteration and then re-publication by others. This puts you at risk, for example, when posing in suggestive ways that can easily be altered. Situations have occurred where someone has taken a relatively innocent picture, or one that was just meant for friends or family to see, and photo-shopped the picture in pornographic ways and re-posted it. It can be almost impossible to then have the photo removed from an Internet site.

    Nude photos

    • Teens who post illicit nude pictures of themselves or others can be at risk of facing child pornography charges. There are strict laws and rules forbidding these kinds of photos online and anyone who posts such photos --- even if they are underage themselves --- can fact charges. If those charges are upheld, a teen could be forced to register as a sex offender in some states. This is not an aspect of posting pics online that most people even consider.

    Beware of personal information

    • Even a non-compromising photo that includes personal information allows people to identify who is in the photo or provides clues that could be used to track a person down. It's important to be careful that identifying information is not available for strangers to use to obtain information about anyone in the photo. This is one of the primary ways in which online predators access victims through the Internet.

by: wawa

What is Youtube?

Some of you may not really know about Youtube and maybe just watch the videos that you like, then switch to another videos and finish. I don't think people are interested to know more details about Youtube, what is the function, when its being establish, who are the founder and so on when they are using Youtube. Even if there may not be much. Entertainment is the most favoured by people when they access into Youtube. 

Youtube actually is the video sharing website which is created by the three former Paypal employees in February 2005 known as Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim.  The ideas to designed the Paypal logo come out by Hurley after he was reading a Wired article about the online payment and e-mailing the start up in search of a job. Youtube allows users to upload, view and share the videos even in public. Anyone can register and watch the videos from this website. The person who have register to this website can upload the videos as many as they want because there are no limitations or policy are charged. So that, unregistered people also can watch the videos which have been uploaded to the Youtube. Not only uploading the videos, people also can download the videos from the Youtube if they want to.

Have you ever wondered what is the beginning of Youtube? How this website become more and more popular and accessible to the public? The first ever Youtube video uploaded is a video of Jawed Karim himself "Me at the zoo" which is taken by Yakow Lapitsky at the San Diego Zoo in front of the elephant enclosure going on about long trunks. What is very interesting, it shows racked up a very healthy 4282,497 viewers since its online debut on April 23, 2005.  Starting with this videos until now, we can see the high rate of video uploading in Youtube. We also can enjoy a variety of interesting video provided by Youtube and share with many people. So that, people have many option to choose whether they want to upload or download a music, game, drama and so on. Now, lets we see the history of Youtube .

Service provided by Youtube give many advantages and benefits to people, but at the same time there are some issues arising from this site. Since Youtube name registered on Valentine's Day 2005, a confusion arise with the name.  Youtube name caused a huge misunderstanding for Universal Tube & Reform Equipment based in Perrysburg, Ohio. According to them, "" was overwhelmed with traffic from people that tried to spell the video site's name phonetically. The uploading of videos may containing defamation, pornography,  violence , entertainment and so on. So that, the manufacturing company sued Youtube claiming its business was damage by the video site. However, the claims were dismissed and after the insident that company move their site business to "" to avoid confusion .  For the original is a video-themed landing page for bad spellers.

Posted by Mardhati Yahya 


Uncensored Video

The first thing that come across my mind is uncensored video that give me a bad impression. Some videos show people personal life, sex life and also seductive video. Surprisingly, pornography also being uploaded. What is happening? My point here is that we have a lot of users not only adults but children too.

Hot Asian in Uncensored Action found in YouTube

Is this video consider pornography? For me I will say yes because when a model or a person body had been exposed to the video sharing site,that would be automatically being an uncensored video for the under age viewer of YouTube,which can influence them.Somehow after several times being announce and being noticed that will be no uncensored videos upload,but some of the YouTube users still not concerned about the warning has been given.

Lil jon feat pitbull Uncensored videos on YouTube

Some of the uncensored videos includes various artiste form all over the world. We must understand that in certain country obscene scene cannot be shown to public and the content must be filtered. For example, in Malaysia an advertisement also being banned just because the video got an issued for mixing the religious.The scene is about celebrating Hari Raya Aidilfitri but the advertisement is just like being held on a Christmas Day celebration.

Malaysian Tv3 Banned Advertisement

Posted by Ianabella

Commercial Ads

Yes or No?

What is commercial ads?

I would like to explain about advertising generally. Advertising is one of the technique where a person can use it as one of their business strategy to let others know about their products, services and also capture others attention. Most advertising promotes goods for sale, but at the same time it can be publish in the newspapers, magazines, and also broadcast media. Different media was chosen based on different types of target audience.

Banned Ads

Video shows ads for Diet Coke which promoted by Jackie Chan

Video above shows that Levis banned advertisement in United Kingdom. 


No doubt that everyone can take a look at the commercial ads meaning to say there are no more censored. We cannot blame anyone. This action actually giving the advantage to the product because everyone know the existence of it. Although advertiser might lose some profit but its actually give them an advantage that people can get o know he product information. 


Sensitivity is one of the main important that we should consider when we are trying to do commercial ads. We might earn money from it but at the same time we also loss some profit. When the advertisement started to be banned the message might not reach target audience as the ads only being uploaded in YouTube and none will be publish on the television or radio. 

Posted by Ianabella

Fantastic Sharing

Youtube make us easy. Everything is there. Learning, entertainment, information and so on. Youtube also can be used as a resource, using what is already there to supplement in a class especially for students.

Taken from: Http://
Matthew Campano, CU 11', ASSETT Staff Assistant 2009

By Nor Azua

Info vs Ads Part 2

Basically as we know Youtube is the service for photo and video sharing. But we also can see there a lot of ads that are posted at the Youtube is to share with people in and outside the country. Either it is for the entertainment, information or else, as the watcher of the video we  just keep on watching it without questioning why they are so many kind of ads are posted at Youtube?

Before I discuss it further more, Let we describe what is Advertising? Advertising is a non-personal  of communication info that is paid, persuade the nature of the product and sponsor trough various of media.

As what we can see there not just the ads from the Malaysian itself but there are also include ads from other country such as Thailand, Filipine, Indonesia, Japan, China, Hong Kong and so on. All ads that had been share trough Youtube web is come with one objective that is Marketing strategy. They using the advantages of the Youtube as well as possible to catch their customer so that their product well known by their target market inside and outside their country.

The ads that posted at the youtube also have different variation such as ads with the sense of humor, emotional, persuasive, informative and so on.  All of the ads have their own specialty and creativity to get the people attention. One of the ads example that come out with creative and the sense of humor is the ads from Malaysia itself that is the Digi telecommunication service ads.

After watching the ads for sure we will laugh and smile because the ads is really funny and creative. This kind of ads not just can entertain us but at the same time their are trying to persuade their target audience and inform their service is the best. Other company such as PETRONAS, Nestle and etc. also using the Youtube as well as the medium to attract their customer
They not just using the youtube as the main medium to entertain  people but it one of the marketing strategy. The entrepreneur not just entire the users to purchase their products through the print and visual advertisement at television but they even use the Youtube website as a medium to attract consumers who like to using Youtube website. After  their target audience watch the ads at the youtube, they will can become their potential buyer.

In conclusion, ads that are shared in this youtube not just serve as entertainment but at the same time the company can increases their product sales. Beside that they also can achieve their company objective and goal. Hence, we should  use and take a full advantage of the technology and facilities that exist such as this youtube website


Let's Sing Along

Gain Popularity

Anyone who love to sing and also karaoke would love to enjoy themselves by going to YouTube and choose any video of songs that they want. With just a click... there you go. Just ignore your radio cassette and also CD player. Make sure you put them aside. A song titled "I turn to you" sang by Christina Aguilera had capture our attention. We can see the expression of the singer's face plus the feeling when she sang the song. 

Christina Aguilera sang "I Turn to You"

An unknown person, ordinary people but when he or she uploaded their video, they can become famous. For example, singer such as Justin Bieber, Chenelle, Zee Avi, Najwa Latiff each and every video that they have been upload on YouTube had captured others attention. It's easy to become a famous person right?

Zee Avi video on YouTube

For those who just love to show their talent, YouTube is a good path for them to start their video sharing. They can upload as many video as they wanted. No doubt that YouTube had become a powerful tool for us nowadays. You want others to notice you? There you go... start YouTube-ing and upload as many video and photo so that everyone from all around the world to notice your talent and watch it again and again. Perhaps you can also being famous like Justin Bieber.

Posted by Ianabella


The Trio

Steve Chen, Chad Hurley and Jawed Karim

YouTube is a video sharing websites which allow each and everyone to feel the excitement by sharing their own video or others. We would like to thanks the Trio founder of YouTube for giving us the opportunity to be a part of YouTube community. YouTube had become such a useful and yet very educational for us as a university student for giving us input and also more information in our studies. Chen,Hurley and Karim who were all early employees of PayPal where The three of them are the co-founder meanwhile Chad Hurley was a former CEO of YouTube.

Chad Hurley. (2012). Retrieved 12:28, May 16, 2012 from
Steve Chen. (2012). Retrieved 12:26, May 16, 2012 from

Posted by Ianabella

Info vs Ads

Youtube is photo sharing service that allow user to share their photo and video with all the people around the world. There are various kind of video that can we share in Youtube such as entertainment, Information, education, and others. In other word, we can  just simply search and find any type of video from Youtube.
In fact, nowadays Youtube user tend to upload their personal video to share with public as a trend especially for those who are actively using the internet. most of the popular  personal video that Youtube user share is such as information video sharing. Example the video that post by mahalodotcom all of their video that they post is to share how to cooking and baking. For those who are interested and love to cooking and baking, this kind of video is really useful for them. Just like me, because I am also one of the Youtube user. If I feel want to bake a cheesecake  but don't know to bake it in the right way I  simply type "how to bake a cheese cake" and search at the Youtube.In a few second there a lot of video about what I am looking for will appear and  It really easy and there a lot of video that we can choose to watch and select. I just watch one of the video and just simply baked the cheese cake based on what I watch at the Youtube.
Beside that, what we can see from this second video are they trying to promoting their college/ University with others. They not just sharing their skill for baking but at the same time they are trying to persuade those who are love to baking can further study at their college/ University .They also want the people to know that their are offering the culinary course for those who are really interested to enhance their skill in baking.

In this point of view, what I can conclude is beside using the Youtube to share the useful video with those people outside there, some of the organization also using the advantages of the Youtube web as a medium to advertise their product to achieve their target and goal. With the advantages of the Youtube web also will not cost them a single cent and at the same time there can target many  people all around the world to watch the video with free. 

For those who are using the youtube in the right way, for sure there a lot of benefit that can we get through the video sharing in the youtube. and it really depend on us how we using the advantages of technology in the nowadays.  :-)

 posted by: Zappy zaph

Make Up

Girls just love it!!!

When we talk about make up, the first thing came out from my mind is that YouTube. The reason why am I saying that is because I need the video of a person to do the demonstration step by step for the make up. It would be easier for us once we take a look at it. There are also lots of make up tutorial based on what function and what kind of make up that we want. The decision is in your hand where you just have to choose by clicking to the video.

Perhaps, we should take a look at one of the video for make up tutorial which capture my attention actually. The video above shows that how we can do a make up based on our creativity and I assume that we do not know the trick behind those make up. There are no more secret and no more trick to hide because anyone can learn and also do the same thing as what they have seen on YouTube. It's easy as ABC and 123.

Why YouTube?

First of all what you have to do is turn on your PC and straightly go to YouTube. That's easy. You don't have to attend grooming class or make up class as you don't have to pay anything when you watch video in YouTube. At this point, you can actually cut down your own budget. YouTube make our life more easier nowadays as we just have to be neither at home or while at work.

Make Money

Each and every post in YouTube I consider it as a making money process because automatically a person straightly promote the Make Up that they use in the video and also other accessories which is a good thing as well as a path to market their product.

Posted by Ianabella