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Wednesday, 16 May 2012


Let's Sing Along

Gain Popularity

Anyone who love to sing and also karaoke would love to enjoy themselves by going to YouTube and choose any video of songs that they want. With just a click... there you go. Just ignore your radio cassette and also CD player. Make sure you put them aside. A song titled "I turn to you" sang by Christina Aguilera had capture our attention. We can see the expression of the singer's face plus the feeling when she sang the song. 

Christina Aguilera sang "I Turn to You"

An unknown person, ordinary people but when he or she uploaded their video, they can become famous. For example, singer such as Justin Bieber, Chenelle, Zee Avi, Najwa Latiff each and every video that they have been upload on YouTube had captured others attention. It's easy to become a famous person right?

Zee Avi video on YouTube

For those who just love to show their talent, YouTube is a good path for them to start their video sharing. They can upload as many video as they wanted. No doubt that YouTube had become a powerful tool for us nowadays. You want others to notice you? There you go... start YouTube-ing and upload as many video and photo so that everyone from all around the world to notice your talent and watch it again and again. Perhaps you can also being famous like Justin Bieber.

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