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Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Commercial Ads

Yes or No?

What is commercial ads?

I would like to explain about advertising generally. Advertising is one of the technique where a person can use it as one of their business strategy to let others know about their products, services and also capture others attention. Most advertising promotes goods for sale, but at the same time it can be publish in the newspapers, magazines, and also broadcast media. Different media was chosen based on different types of target audience.

Banned Ads

Video shows ads for Diet Coke which promoted by Jackie Chan

Video above shows that Levis banned advertisement in United Kingdom. 


No doubt that everyone can take a look at the commercial ads meaning to say there are no more censored. We cannot blame anyone. This action actually giving the advantage to the product because everyone know the existence of it. Although advertiser might lose some profit but its actually give them an advantage that people can get o know he product information. 


Sensitivity is one of the main important that we should consider when we are trying to do commercial ads. We might earn money from it but at the same time we also loss some profit. When the advertisement started to be banned the message might not reach target audience as the ads only being uploaded in YouTube and none will be publish on the television or radio. 

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  1. Hye, I'm sure that you have seen the Pepsi vs Coca Cola banned advertisement, click the link to watch it's very sarcastic that the boy standing on top of Coca Cola can just to get a Pepsi to drink. That is not a good way to compete.