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Wednesday, 16 May 2012


Uncensored Video

The first thing that come across my mind is uncensored video that give me a bad impression. Some videos show people personal life, sex life and also seductive video. Surprisingly, pornography also being uploaded. What is happening? My point here is that we have a lot of users not only adults but children too.

Hot Asian in Uncensored Action found in YouTube

Is this video consider pornography? For me I will say yes because when a model or a person body had been exposed to the video sharing site,that would be automatically being an uncensored video for the under age viewer of YouTube,which can influence them.Somehow after several times being announce and being noticed that will be no uncensored videos upload,but some of the YouTube users still not concerned about the warning has been given.

Lil jon feat pitbull Uncensored videos on YouTube

Some of the uncensored videos includes various artiste form all over the world. We must understand that in certain country obscene scene cannot be shown to public and the content must be filtered. For example, in Malaysia an advertisement also being banned just because the video got an issued for mixing the religious.The scene is about celebrating Hari Raya Aidilfitri but the advertisement is just like being held on a Christmas Day celebration.

Malaysian Tv3 Banned Advertisement

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  1. For me, i think this kind of advertising is not okay as it seems to used women as sex symbol.

  2. What can I say is that woman had being portrayed as sex symbol or sex appeal which is not a good thing for me. I guess for the advertiser maybe they will say it's good as this action can bring benefit to them in order to market or advertise their product. No doubt that we can see lots of advertisement neither in Billboard or even in Television using women to posing very sexually.