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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Informative vs Entertainment

16 May 2012, Kolej Seroja, Kuching

Zaphne (Unimas Student)

When we sit near the chair and open the computer or laptop, the first thing that encounter our mind as a student is information or entertainment.  We read books, read the online news, read the online post in social networking and so forth, but have we ever wonder that the youtube has the power.  The power to give information and the the power to give entertainment.  Inasmuch, youtube were called as of "the power of giving".  According to online journal by Azim Jamal and Harvey Mckinnon, "A great guide to building a more caring world. Give a copy to everyone you love"  So, this evidence already shows us that youtube not only giving entertainment but also information.

Before step to further details about what how informative vs entertainment.  I would like to share video which related with the entertainment.  This video is a music video by George Nozuka, a born Japanese Canadian guy.  The song is called "Lie to me".

Music video is a medium of entertainment.  It is some sort of communication media bellow music.  It is called as entertainment because when people feel bored, they will listen to music.  "Lie to me" is a song that talked about a guy who fall in love with a women and that women actually lie to him.  The lyrics tell that the man still want his women back and wondering why that women left him. It is a very nice song.  Furtermore, in certain issue, not only music video is entertainment instrument, other stuff also being called as entertainment.  For an example, a movie that being upload inside youtube.  This can be seen through, korean movie like in "Love Rain".

Love Rain is a korean drama about pure love in early 1970s.  The movie started with a men and women who meet in a university.  Their love life got a lot of problem.  However, for more information about this movie, you can watch it at youtube itself.

Funny video by Ryan Higa also called as entertainment because people laugh.  Who is Ryan Higa?  Is he Ryanman or is he Ryan Bieber or just a joker.  It is something you should watch by your own.

Music, drama or movie, funny video and many more that related with entertain people are entertainment.  Entertainment according to Stephen Bates and Anthony J. Ferri in their article What’s Entertainment? Notes Toward a Definition"entertainment is whatever individuals find entertaining"  

How about information?  What is actually information?  Information based on business dictionary is  Dta that (1) has been verified to be accurate and timely, (2) is specific and organized for a purpose, (3) is presented within a context that gives it meaning and relevance, and (4) that can lead to an increase in understanding and decrease in uncertainty.

So, in this context, how youtube can be part of information source can be seen through this video:

Actually this video may look simple but by watching this video, we can understand more better about cultivation theory more better compare with reading books.  This probably because people understand what they see more than what they read.  Here, it is believe that human being are more attracted to something moving and colourful things.  So, this is why youtube were said as giving an information.  Other than this video, i would like to share about some other video that also functioning as informative medium.  The video is about makeup tutorial by Michelle Phan.

Therefore, the youtube power is unlimited.  Its depend on how people want to use it.  Whether you want to used it as entertainment or as information source.  Its in your hand.  The choice is yours.

This is what we called as Informative versus Entertainment.
Hahahahaha.... See ya again. :D

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How to hack computer password?

Nowadays, we can do anything that we want based on photo and video that we had watched. Here, I would like to mention about how You Tube can bring disadvantages to people. Based on the video about, the video shown how a person can hack others computer password. Just imagine, if each and everyone doing the same thing, I am pretty sure that this matter can create big problem to those who want privacy in their life.

Hacking computer password  i is illegal in the United States, if a person get caught, then they can end up in prison with fines. For example, if one hacks Microsoft Vista (as an example) and Microsoft discovers it Microsoft will press charges. The prison term is up to 10 years, while the fine is anywhere from $10K to $100K as what had mention by Kevin Mitnick, while he can tell us more about that by go to this web address:

Kevin Mitnick
Kevin Mitnick had been arrested before and he also become the most wanted computer criminal in the United States. Well, thanks to him because he had reveal the secret of hacking.

Posted by Ianabella