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Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Info vs Ads Part 2

Basically as we know Youtube is the service for photo and video sharing. But we also can see there a lot of ads that are posted at the Youtube is to share with people in and outside the country. Either it is for the entertainment, information or else, as the watcher of the video we  just keep on watching it without questioning why they are so many kind of ads are posted at Youtube?

Before I discuss it further more, Let we describe what is Advertising? Advertising is a non-personal  of communication info that is paid, persuade the nature of the product and sponsor trough various of media.

As what we can see there not just the ads from the Malaysian itself but there are also include ads from other country such as Thailand, Filipine, Indonesia, Japan, China, Hong Kong and so on. All ads that had been share trough Youtube web is come with one objective that is Marketing strategy. They using the advantages of the Youtube as well as possible to catch their customer so that their product well known by their target market inside and outside their country.

The ads that posted at the youtube also have different variation such as ads with the sense of humor, emotional, persuasive, informative and so on.  All of the ads have their own specialty and creativity to get the people attention. One of the ads example that come out with creative and the sense of humor is the ads from Malaysia itself that is the Digi telecommunication service ads.

After watching the ads for sure we will laugh and smile because the ads is really funny and creative. This kind of ads not just can entertain us but at the same time their are trying to persuade their target audience and inform their service is the best. Other company such as PETRONAS, Nestle and etc. also using the Youtube as well as the medium to attract their customer
They not just using the youtube as the main medium to entertain  people but it one of the marketing strategy. The entrepreneur not just entire the users to purchase their products through the print and visual advertisement at television but they even use the Youtube website as a medium to attract consumers who like to using Youtube website. After  their target audience watch the ads at the youtube, they will can become their potential buyer.

In conclusion, ads that are shared in this youtube not just serve as entertainment but at the same time the company can increases their product sales. Beside that they also can achieve their company objective and goal. Hence, we should  use and take a full advantage of the technology and facilities that exist such as this youtube website

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