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Sunday, 17 June 2012

Understanding The Photo Value

Have u ever realize one photo can describe a thousand meaning?  What does it mean by "A picture is worth a thousand words"?  This was probably due to the facts that photo has light and color effects, the posture of person involve inside, their emotions, their body gesture, the face expression and many more.
According to Walter Benjamin, there is a little history of photo where it is "the phenomenon of photography" as still being "a great and mysterious experience"—even if, for them, this was no more than the consciousness of "standing before a device which in the briefest time could capture the visible environment in a picture that seemed as real and alive as nature itself."
            The purpose of the photo being taken is to create a memory about the place, or people and event involve.  Usually, the photo resemblance about thing related with the happiness.  It is rarely to hear people take photo while they are sad, unless the photo itself was taken by other people.  Same goes to the angry and other expression.
            In modern technology era, there’s lot of device to take picture.  One of the most nearer device with our daily life is hand phone or mobile phone.  This probably due to the facts that we bring it with us everywhere we go.  Other device could be camera, video camera, computer camera and not to forget MP5.
            The value of the photo or picture taken is for the future used which to be remember as a memory.  This can be seen through family picture and things that we go through in life.  Secondly, photo can also be used in education.  This can be seen through lecturer slide in class to attract the student.  Thirdly, photo value is to create good environment in our life, for example the picture of beautiful environment like waterfall being put in the house to create warm feelings.  Not only that, photo value also for history use liked what we seen now.  For instance, the picture of our former prime minister like Tunku Abdul Rahman.  Yet, photo also for media purpose like advertising purposes.  This can be seen through advertising like McDonald who show it burgers and price.
            Furthermore, photo value is to create joke like cartoon picture and many more.  Thus, it is also important to be proving for something that happen or in other words a witness.  For example, Tomlinson, a London guy being killed by a New Yorker picture that being taken.  This can be very important record for the police officer.  Last but not least, photo can be way to find money.  This can be seen through career like photographer where people get money just by taking picture.  Therefore, in this issue, photo has a lot of value depend on how people use it.  The understanding of photo is important in order to avoid misunderstanding about certain issue which can be seen in scandal or so on.  As a matter of conclusion, used photo sharing carefully and please don’t ever misuse the technology that we have but appreciate it.

By Catohrinner J.G

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