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Sunday, 17 June 2012

Human Communication Group Special dedication

Photo to Educate People
This is a video make by our group for fun.  It is actually a dedication to all the people that open our blogger.  Therefore, enjoy yourself and make sure be happy and stay cool in life.  Avoid the controversy.
When you feel lonely:

Remember, “Don’t ever do something stupid in life”.  If you have problems, please, consult with nearest people by your surrounding or just go and meet the counselor.

When you feel tired:

Remember, “Don’t sleep at the chair when you tired”.  Just go to bed and have some sleep.  This important probably because sleeping at chair can cause problems in health like back pain and many more.

When you feel sick:

Remember, “Don’t forget to take medicine”.  Life is more important.  Please do don’t disappointed your beloved one.

Last but not least, no matter what happen in your life, do enjoy yourself and be happy.

By Catohrinner. J.G

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