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Sunday, 17 June 2012

Embed Codes & Share Button on Youtube : An Invitation to Infringe on Copyrights?

    Have we ever thought when we took the video from Youtube, it is one action that will lead to infringement of copyright? Maybe you never thought about the implications towards copyright, which is very serious issue that have to concern about.  But, we do not have to worry if we use it in the right way.  Embed codes and “share” buttons are a fast and easy way to share and diffuse information.  Let say you have a favorite video on Youtube and you want to share it with all your friends on Facebook, you can just click on “Share – Facebook” and your video will automatically appear on your Facebook page. But, you may wonder, do these embed codes make copyright infringement easier?  If the video page permits embedding, does this give me the right to publish it anywhere I want? How do I know when not to embed without permission? Should a formal request for permission be used whenever I want to share someone else’s material? If I display an embed code on my blog or website, am I allowing my content and material to be spread everywhere?

     Apparently, there is no real law on embed codes and copyright as well does not apply. In fact, when you decide to share or embed something that isn’t yours, you are not copying it claiming that the material is yours, you are simply sharing it, providing a link to it and if you don’t copy, then you are not breaking copyright law. The content is never passed through your server, but streamed directly from the host site. Also, there is really no need for a formal permission request to the owner of the material, shall you wish to embed it, because the owner itself decides to make his material embeddable or non embeddable, he has a choice and if he doesn’t want to have his material shared, it won’t be happen. Most users actually prefer their material to be spread, so more people can get to experience it and know them (Isabella & Maya, 2010).

      So, in conclusion, what we can say that is share buttons and embed codes haven't really triggered web copyright issues, because they have just eased our way to communicate in an effortless and fast way.  Embed codes use is just to share material which is different form of copying something and claiming it one's own.  Even the Copyright Law has a lot of revising to concern these communications means, but ultimately embed codes and share buttons stay true to the prime philosophy of Internet and the web.  It simply to say diffusion of anything for anybody, without excessive limitations.

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