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Sunday, 17 June 2012

Implication for Teaching and Learning

     Application on youtube can provide training to its users through the use of and exposure to these media. Even though Youtube is lack of educational goal, but through direct application to youtube, users can be exposed to the new media experience. It will give advantages to users especially for students to heighten their visual literacy which is an important skills in electronic culture today.  

      Many educators believe that the act of creating content in virtually any form is a valuable learning exercise, helping develop a deeper understanding of the subject matter and the tools used to create that content. To the extent that YouTube facilitates such creation, it has the potential to expose students to new insights and skills, as well as link them to various online communities. As a social-software application, YouTube is part of a trend among Net Generation students to replace passive learning with active participation, where everyone has a voice, anyone can contribute, and the value lies less in the content itself than in the networks of learners that form around content and support one another in learning goals (Educause Learning Initiative, 2006). 

     In conclusion, youtube will not only play a role in providing entertainment, but it can also be used to groom young talent for this new media applications. Users should be aware of current developments and should be wise to take this opportunity in order to move in line with current technology today.

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