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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

From Manual to Digital

What is manual?  What is digital?

Before...when we still a little kid, when we didn't know how to used computer, if we want to share a picture or video, we have to do it manually with friends.  This means, by giving VCD, disk or if not using camera. Nowadays, we didn't again having problems on how to share pictures.  All we have to do is download Upload video or picture. Everything is so easy, due to the passage of technology increasingly sophisticated. Every day, when we open our eyes, the first thing we see is laptop. How easy having technology as all work can be done very fast. Similarly, the entertainment artist that we want to see also can be search, all at our fingertips, what we want all we can get easily, right? Yet, if we want to see the movie. All we need to do is buy dvd or vcd, download Stinky likes the Internet which is quickly and easily. 

Now if my colleagues and i want to have some discussion, all we need is to activate ourself in cyberspace via Yahoomail or any social networking site to 'chat'. Through that, we can do sharing pictures with friends. Very easy, ask first if you want pictures of your friends or close friends.  Just do the post.  'Photo Sharing', will appear quickly. Very effective right!

By: wawa

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