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Saturday, 16 June 2012

Beware of Photo Sharing

It sounds good when we can share any photo that had been captured and share it to others by posting it or uploading it on the internet. However, we must be careful with what we must and must not share as it is related to our privacy where we might not want to get exposed by others to notice. At google you can control the photo that you would like to share by clicking this link . It’s easier right? We must control our desire and not just simply reveal or expose our privacy to others especially to the person that we don’t know or recognize. We can also share photo by using Flickr by login to Yahoo.

My personal view is that when I was thinking of photo sharing, I will start to think about the bad side and the good side of it. Sharing is just like reflecting yourself to the whole world. Just imagine, if your personality in reality was a good girl when suddenly you share a picture that totally different with your personality will actually beyond your mind can make you yourself become the other side or it can be negative. I saw many people who share photo that can exposed them to danger or even can commit themselves to criminal. Take note that : "Bad News Travel Fast" Our action might being watched by others.

We are human being and we cant run away with gossip by others. Each and every step that we take will be watched by others. Watch out you step. Your image might be spoil with just a picture or photo that you share. 

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