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Thursday, 17 May 2012

Talented?? Dared to try???

Show your hidden talent
Have you ever heard about Ryan Higa?  He is American born Japanese.  He is very well known in youtube because of his talent in making jokes and many more.  His shows is NigaHiga which consist of many jokes like End of the world, Dear Ryan : superhero, bromance, word of the day : Swog, Off The Phill : Dancing, Dear Ryan : Epic Meal Time, Off the phill : Christmas Spirit and many more.  Some of his video is about save the japan during Tsunami last year.  Ryan is 22 years old this year and he was born in Hawaii, USA.  He is making the video in youtube since 2006 and is one of the YTF members (Yesterday, Today, Forever).  His shows or youtube channel name is NigaHiga which niga in Japanese mean "rant" and higa is his family name.  The Nigahiga shows get a lot of coverage in all over the world that are around 3 million subscribers.  His popular quote is "on being more eco-friendly and if we don't start now, no one's gonna start later".
Ryan Higa

Then, do you know who is Belacan and Paku?  I guess some of you might know how crazy those people are.  They are American born and have live in Malaysia especially in Bintulu, Sarawak in 2007.  They are so popular with the youtube channel because they speak Malay.  Their popular show in youtube is about Selamat Hari Raya, Mat Saleh Belacan dan Paku, belacan and Paku tengok orang Malaysia, belacan and paku kantoi and many more.  Both of them being invited by tv3 last years to share their experience about youtube.  Belacan is from Utah, USA while Paku who is from Arizona, USA.  
Belacan and Paku
How about Ben Bradshaw, do you know him?  He also one of youtube artist.  Like Belacan and paku, he also well known as American guy who can speak Malay.  People like to call him Gigi Putih because he has the white teeth and he is well know as Cikgu Ben.  This probably because he likes to teach peopel about English words and pronunciation.  According to him, he know how to speak Malay because he spend his life staying in Borneo island few years ago.
Ben Bradshaw

The moral of the story here is all of them dared to challenge themselves and now they are really well known.  So, what are you waiting for?  If you feel talented and dared, make yourself a nice video and put it in youtube.

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  1. For the belacan and paku video, I really love it because it can make me laugh all the way when I'm in a bad mood. YouTube is a good path or platform for them to show their talent and at the same time they can promote themselves (means that maybe there will be producer who would like to hire them in acting)But, sometimes some people acted dry, this can be bored. Kinda hate those kind of action. Will they show some improvement on their talent? Perhaps they can do it.

    1. Yes, a lot of people really like them. This is what people says as advantages from youtube. It is free and everybody can show their talent without pay. So, what are you waiting for, if you feel you are talented enough and dared to try, log in to youtube and be like them. :D

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