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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Mdm. J lecture

Do you know your neighbours?

Today was the 23rd of May 2012, as I sat in lecture room, our lecturer Pn. Jamilah opposed the question: "Do you know all of your friends in Facebook?", "How many of you can memorise 5 important number in your mobile phone?". Then, Fatin Amira who was one of my classmate mentioned all 5 number correctly. Surprisingly, all 5 numbers that she had mentioned was the person who closed to her like her sibling, love ones and also family plus relatives. Then, Pn. Jamilah explained to us that we do not bother about others because the two important part that had been discuss is about community and also society. 

Community Images

What is Community?

A community or a group can be explained as a group who interact with each other or among themselves who share the same interest perhaps it can be neither small or big communities. I  can say that I'm a part of Facebook community because me and my friend share the same interest which is the social networking websites that we loves and prefer is Facebook. I also do share the same interest with my house-mate called Zaphne when we share the same hobby which is cooking. We used to hangout together and try new recipe and also exchange recipes and at the same time we do hangout together and also joining other friends who share the same hobby like us.

Bidayuh Society at My Village at Kampung Tembawang Sauh (Bau)

What is Society?

Based on my understanding, I can say that society was a group of people who live together under a same roof or living together at a place and also practices the same religion, custom,law and also culture. I am proudly to say that I am proud to be part of Bidayuh Society. The reason why am I saying this is that I learn Bidayuh language, tradition, and also culture. I must take a baby step before I can actually tell others about what I had learned or know about Bidayuh Culture because we should not tell others or giving others wrong information.

Do I really know my neighbours?

I am pleased to say that I really know my neighbour and I still remember them until now. My first neighbour was Miss Rani then when me and my family moved to another barrack, my neighbours are Mr Lim Ted Mau, Mr Soo Kheng Tiong, Mr Syed Suhartoo, Mr Kasbendi bin Ponijan and also Hassan bin Jawa. I do know about their family background too because they used to visit us during free time and my family also doing some activities such as bbq and also "berulam" which are a good way to closen and also tighten the relationship among neighbours. I recall back the tragedy of thieves who sneak into my neighbour house at night. At first, I thought it was just a cat who prey for the rat but my parent awake after hear the noise and decided to figure out what noise was that. 

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  1. I like this article. As modern society, many people doesn't even know their neighbour. However, in village those thing totally different. We know our own neighbour because most of them are our own relatives.