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Tuesday, 15 May 2012


How to hack computer password?

Nowadays, we can do anything that we want based on photo and video that we had watched. Here, I would like to mention about how You Tube can bring disadvantages to people. Based on the video about, the video shown how a person can hack others computer password. Just imagine, if each and everyone doing the same thing, I am pretty sure that this matter can create big problem to those who want privacy in their life.

Hacking computer password  i is illegal in the United States, if a person get caught, then they can end up in prison with fines. For example, if one hacks Microsoft Vista (as an example) and Microsoft discovers it Microsoft will press charges. The prison term is up to 10 years, while the fine is anywhere from $10K to $100K as what had mention by Kevin Mitnick, while he can tell us more about that by go to this web address:

Kevin Mitnick
Kevin Mitnick had been arrested before and he also become the most wanted computer criminal in the United States. Well, thanks to him because he had reveal the secret of hacking.

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