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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Luna Maya and Ariel Case in Youtube

Luna Maya left with her boyfriend Ariel

2010, Jakarta, Indonesia were attack by the news of two Indonesian Popular Artist Sex Video in youtube.  This video were being upload in youtube and become controversial issue because both artist is Muslim and they were not event married.  Ariel who known as Nazril Irham is popular as a vocalist in Peterpan while Luna Maya is well known as model and also actress.  They are both in love and this controversial news really brought to many issue in Indonesia especially it is not only involve Ariel and luna but also Cut Tari who is also an actress.  Cut Tari at first denied that she involve in the video but at last she admitted it.

This breaking news really hurt Luna as her boyfriend being arrested by the policeman for alleged on filming video sex with Luna herself, Cut Tari and other women artist.  According to her in Berita Harian online, "“If you see your boyfriend or your husband treated as if he were a public attraction, wouldn't it make you sad?" Luna said during a press conference on Wednesday at her lawyer's office"

Ariel being arrested under Indonesia Act that is 2008 Anti-Pornography Law, the 2008 Information and Electronic Transaction Law (ITE) as well as Article 56 of the Criminal Code for “participating in a crime".

The video is actually started from taking video as their own privacy.  However, without their permission the video is being spread make them both be accused.  This happen due to video sharing.  The phenomena makes both of them almost lost their career and end up go to court to get the justice.

Therefore, video sharing is very dangerous if people didn't used it correctly.  Luna and Ariel cases already shown us how taking unrelated video can bring harmful in our life.  If we see now, technology getting better and improve as time pass by.  So, with this condition, people should beware about what they do.

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